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A few months back I wrote a blog about the importance of inspiration. I talked about why we need to surround ourselves with things that light us up and little things we can do to interject inspiration into our daily lives. Today I want to give you a look into my world and what’s been inspiring me!

We consume so much content these days, so it’s important to filter that content: Is it positive? Is it inspiring? Does it help me relax? Teach me something? Encourage me? If you’re following someone on Instagram or watching them on YouTube and they don’t do any of those things, maybe it’s time to unfollow them.

And if you’re looking for some fresh, creative, uplifting content, keep reading!


Anyone who knows me knows I’m OBSESSED with podcasts. I’m a major binge listener. I was listening to hours of crime podcasts a day - in the car, at the gym, while I got ready in the morning, literally every waking moment. One day I realized that I was consuming so many stories about murders and horrible things that I decided to step back and take a break from that kind of stuff. It was hard honestly, but I found a lot of other great podcasts to fill my commute and I’m a much less paranoid person now! Here are the podcasts I listen to now that I LOVE:

  • The Creative Pep Talk Podcast - THIS ONE IS SO GOOD!! Especially for all you creatives! This podcast is so encouraging and helpful. Andy gives you so many practical tips to “grow a thriving creative career” and he’s so entertaining. He’s a freelance illustrator who makes amazing work and really knows his stuff. Follow him on Instagram @AndyJPizza.

  • Household Name - This is another one that my designer/marketing self loves. They take brands you know and love and tell you behind the scenes stories that you’ve definitely never heard before. It’s informative but in the most entertaining way. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve said “I listened to a podcast…” and spouted off a random fact that I learned from this show.


YouTube is a black hole that I often find myself sucked into. I usually watch while I’m getting ready in the morning & while I’m on the treadmill at the gym (because it’s super boring). These are two very different YouTube channels that I’ve really been into lately:

  • Sarah’s Day - This is a health & fitness channel, so if you’re not into that then keep moving. But Sarah has a ton of amazing recipes, a really cute activewear line, and great workout routines. I’m really into that kind of stuff, so she’s really been inspiring me lately. She’s also just super positive & has such a chill vibe.

  • Good Mythical Morning (Rhett & Link) - Rhett & Link have been on the internet for a very long time, and they know what they’re doing. They’re best friends who host a hilarious show where they’ll pretty much do anything. My husband and I like to watch it together while we eat dinner & it always makes us laugh.


Instagram is different things for different people, but it should always be a place that lifts you up after you scroll, not brings you down. Here are some grams that really make me happy:

  • Freelancing Females - I joined this group on Facebook a while back and I’m SO GLAD I did! If you’re a freelancing lady, join the Facebook group & follow them on Instagram! It’s a great place to meet amazing women, get great advice, and find some cool freelance jobs.

  • White Space Mag - Everything they post is so aesthetically pleasing. It definitely inspires me as a designer.

  • Taco Bell - Just look at it. Best insta feed ever.

What’s been inspiring you lately? Drop it in the comments!

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