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The Importance of Inspiration

Whether you know it or not, you need to be inspired as a creative. You need things that make your heart happy and things that challenge you. Imagine quitting whatever creative outlet you currently have (even if it’s your full time job), taking down every decoration in your house, never listening to music, and only eating tan colored foods. Life would suck.

But did you even realize you were being inspired by the food you eat? Or the plant sitting on your window sill? We surround ourselves with things we love for a reason. It makes us happy. Maybe it has a memory tied to it. It inspires us. When we take away all those things, we’re left with boredom, sadness, and despair.

Ok, I’m being dramatic. But really! The cactus hanging on my rear view mirror brings me happiness every day, and I love drinking wine out of my mismatched vintage glasses. These are just little things in my life that inspire me and bring a little bit of joy to my day. You’re not always going to be doing something creative, but you can always be surrounded by creativity.

Adding inspiration to your life

My husband and I just moved into our third place a few months ago. We’ve moved every year since we’ve been married, which has been an adventure for sure. But in our first two places, I found it really hard to decorate and make it our home because I knew it was temporary. Why buy new furniture when it might not work in our next place? Why put anything on the walls when we’re just going to have to take it down? Our second place was a log cabin, so that was even harder to decorate since there was wood EVERYWHERE. Nothing I did looked good in that place.

I lived in that mind set for almost two years, but I finally got tired of our house never feeling homey. So before we moved into our current place, I decided that even if we only ended up staying there for a year, I was going to decorate how I wanted. I got rid of furniture I never really liked, we bought our first real adult couch, and things are slowly being hung on the walls.

So why am I going on this random decorating tangent? Because your space matters. And making it a place where you feel inspired and relaxed is important. I love interior design, so for me, having a space that I didn’t really like made me unhappy. My goal in my new house is to have an office space I actually like and can be productive in, a bedroom that’s relaxing and comfy, and a living room that I love to be in and want other people to be in too.

So where can you add little pockets of inspiration into your life? Maybe you’re not that into interior design, but you love music, or a certain style of art. Maybe you are inspired by those plants in your window sill, so make that more a part of your life! Find a way to bring that inspiration into your 9 to 5, your school day, your car, wherever you spend time.

If you need some ideas, head over to Pinterest! You can even follow me, I have design inspiration, tutorials, and even interior design inspiration boards. Now go and add something inspiring into your everyday life!