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Get Started with Saturday Skills!

Deciding what to do with your life can be really hard. I took a semester off after graduating and went to community college for a semester before going to portfolio school, and even then I wasn't sure what I was doing. I thought about a business degree, interior design, and even becoming an astronaut (which requires like a doctorate in some kind of science so that wasn't happening).

Even after starting portfolio school, I wasn't sure where that would lead me. I didn't even know what kinds of jobs a designer did. But I was loving what I was doing and felt like I had found my "thing."

I also realized that it's ok to not know what you're doing with your life right away. Most of the people I went to portfolio school with had another full degree, some creative but mostly something completely unrelated. So it's never too late!

Getting started and taking that first step can be the hardest part. There's also a huge difference between freelancing and having a full time job somewhere, so I'd love to help you guys navigate through that as well. I do both and I love the variety as well as the stability.

I want to give you guys some resources to help you get going, so next week I'll be kicking off Saturday Skills! Every Saturday (hopefully) I'll be posting a blog that teaches you something specific. They'll mostly all be design related, but I'll definitely be throwing DIYs and other fun things in there. They'll include information, video tutorials, step by steps guides, and more. So make sure to check in next weekend for the first installment of Saturday Skills!